Lighthouse in Niechorzów

The lighthouse was build more that 130 years ago, its light can be seen from 36 km distance. There are concerts and events held at the foot of the lighthouse.

Pier in Niechorzów

The pier is a very well known tourist attraction of our town.
The sunsets attract tourists who enjoy the sight of the sea kissed by disappearing sun. You can really feel the breeze.

Museum of fishery

In the museum you can see exhibits presenting the fishermen ways and show the history and culture of the area. The museum is situated by the main tourist route of Niechorzów.

Retro train

One of the major tourists attractions that seaside near Rewal is narrow gauge railway.
The narrow gauge railway is more than 100 years old. Preserved wildcat and old wagons add to the unique atmosphere to the route along the seaside venues and hotels.

Promenade in Rewal

The promenade stretches deep into the sea.
The tourists gather on the terrace to relax and watch the sea. Nearby there is recreational square and shops with souvenirs.

Ruins of the church

The ruins are 8 km away from Niechorzów. The church is build in gothic style in XIV/XV century, situated 2 km from the seaside – at present there is only one wall left very near to the sea and beach.

Sport centre

In our town there is a sport centre for recreation and training – there is a professional gym, sports hall, full size playing field covered with natural surface and another one covered with artificial surface, 4 tennis courts and 2 multipurpose fields.

Paragliding from the cliff

There is a great spot for paragliders between Rewal and Trzęsacz. The bare cliff, if the weather allows, is a great place to start the paragliding.